My face

Early steps
Born an 11th of July 1960 in the east of France, my first steps of programming were done in 1980 on a programmable calculator, an HP-33 that I borrowed from a friend with the manual. After a couple of nights of hacking and no sleep, I understood that computing was a passion, and I kind of found my way. Micro-computing was just beginning, and after my own HP-41C, I discovered the Apple II, the AppleSoft Basic, 6502 code machine and Pascal. My first Apple II was paid with a sales program I developed on a Sord computer (who still knows this brand?).

My first job
After the University, I started working in 83 in a company as developer, on Apple II under MemDOS. But after 9 month, I left to start the development of a camping management software.

An exciting project
After the end of my project, I was enrolled as Project Manager in a bigger company. This lasted two years, I had to replace all cash registers in 100 shops with micro computers. Guess what? This was done on Apple IIe, 1 to 3 per sales point, linked with Super Serial cards and a pseudo network protocol I developed. The sales program was built in AppleSoft and Assembler under ProDOS. Moreover, the master CPU was linked with a modem to the headquarters to send and receive stock flow (at 1200 bds!). This was really an exciting project, since communication was just like magic in these times, and this kind of tools had never been done before.

Finally there
Then I joined Apple Computer France in 86 as Technical Salesman, and had many different jobs along 12 long years I stayed in, including Training Mgr, Newton Technical Mgr, Large Accounts Expert, etc. Meanwhile, I continued development as a hobby, writing Pascal on the Mac.
Then in early '87, I discovered a beta release of WildCard (not yet named HyperCard), and quickly understood that it was about to revolutionize the way people looked at the Mac. I cannot tell how much time I spent on it, but believe me, a lot. I became known as French HyperCard guru, and I guess this was true. I even wrote a technical book on HyperTalk programming which became a best-seller in France.
After millions lines of scripting, I found many lacks in the language, and so naturally started XCMD development in 89 (ListSelect XFCN was my first public released external). Although having learned C as well, I did all that stuff in Pascal, because I still believe that a programming language also has to be elegant.

Millions of Pascal lines later, the Rinaldi collection today contains over 120 externals, is worldwide known and covers all kind of needs. Of course, it still will be growing and updating, since externals are short term projects that don't require much time, and I definitely need to write code.